Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sometimes I think I know everybody in the world, but in reality, it's just that I belong to a very wide range of social circles.
  • People who grew up in Teaneck (during a certain era) and attended Teaneck High
  • People who went to Brandeis
  • Old-recording fans
  • People who worked at Documentum
  • People who work at Google (I was at lunch with the man who invented the Internet the other day, and no, I don't mean Al Gore.)
  • Bay Area choral singers
  • Crazy opera people 
  • People who do Dan Zan Ryu jujitsu
  • Classical music and opera bloggers
  • Members of the Music Critics Association of North America (Yes, that's me on a panel with Anne Midgette, Anthony Tommasini, John Rockwell, and others.)
  • Science fiction fans (I once had lunch with Ursula Le Guin. Elizabeth A. Lynn is a good friend. I knew Patrick and Teresa before Making Light. Etc.)
  • People who are or were on the Well
  • People who were in the Society for Creative Anachronism during a certain era
  • Bay Area contra-dancers/folkies
  • Through my partner, people in public health
A couple of Facebook incidents call this to mind:
  • Joshua Kosman (readers of this blog know who he is) knows Wes Nichols (with whom I went to high school...and played flute....and read plays) from attending music camp together when they were teenagers.
  • David Urrows (with whom I went to high school...and college) knows Jonathan Bellman (whom I know from Dial M for Musicology and Reactions to the Record) from musicology circles.
And then there were Amanda Walker's photos from the 2011 Pennsic War on Google+.


Joshua Kosman said...

I was interested to see from your Flute review that you also know Scott Marley from of old. I know him from his days as the Bobby Fischer of the puzzle world; you, I presume, from the Well.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yep. I thought you knew I know Scott of old, actually!

I would have eventually met him via science fiction fandom, also. I have known his partner Dave Nee, one of the owners of The Other Change of Hobbit, since...um...forever.