Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A couple more points about the Spring for Music contest -

Douglas McLennan's comments really do make it sound as though the authors of the contest threw the idea together in a tearing hurry. I'm wondering now about a few more issues.

  • How have they gotten the word out to the thousands of culture bloggers out there? How many people even know this is happening?
  • Have they thought through how the judges will cope if they find themselves with, say, 500 entries to read next week?
  • How is it going to look if only 20 bloggers enter? :)
  • Does the voting mechanism have safeguards against cheating, for example, multiple votes from the same IP address?


John Marcher said...

Having not received an invitation to play along, I first saw it on Michael Rice's Opera Now twitter feed, then of course learned more from you, Brian, and Patrick. But if I didn't know the four of you, I would probably have remained in the dark about the entire thing, since no one has written to me saying "you should enter this!" So I imagine there are a large number of people who have no awareness of the contest at all.

And speaking of the unaware, obviously Anne has no awareness of me, for surely if she did she would have called me out as well ;)

If they would have began with a different prompt, or better yet, say "send us what you think best represents your blog" then I may have entered, and that would have made for a truly interesting competition, if for no other reason than it would likely have unearthed some truly unique voices- and if Patrick submitted his post about the Leif Ove Andsnes concert I'm pretty sure he could walk away with the whole thing, but as it is-who really has the time to play this game? I don't- at least not this week.

Lisa Hirsch said...

You don't have to be invited, of course - it's open to any culture blogger. What I received was a press release announcing the contest, not an invitation.

Best represents your blog would be great!