Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Heard on the Radio

Diane Nicolini at KDFC:
That was the Tchaikowsky violin concerto, one of the most technically difficult concertos, played absolutely perfectly by Hilary Hahn!!
Diane, honey: a raft of first-class violinists can play the Tchaikowsky very well indeed, and if you haven't noticed, recordings are edited within an inch of their lives so that they are always perfect.

And this, my friends, is an example of why I won't be contributing to KDFC's current (or any) pledge drive. They're doing extra fund-raising to retire the $7.5 million outstanding of the $18 million borrowed when they lost 102.1 and had to purchase the rights to other frequencies.

The day I'll donate is the day that KDFC acts like the non-profit educational institution its tax designation makes it out to be. When I can hear Machaut, Dufay, Josquin, Schuetz, Carter, Boulez, Janacek and others among the Mozart and Vivaldi; when they play lieder and chanson without apologies; when their announcers provide information rather than trivia, well, then I'll reconsider.

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LinGin said...

Amen sister. I don't give money to the Philadelphia's WHYY because when it deigns to show GREAT PERFORMANCES FROM THE MET it schedules ONE showing. This despite the fact that it has an HD channel designated as the "Arts" channel and which shows mostly...cooking shows! And what makes it particularly irritating is that Philadelphi conservatories AVA and Curtis alumni have been prominent in some of the productions. We did get L'ELISIR last week but, if the station does what it did last year, it will air operas on a "whenever we feel like it" basis.