Sunday, January 06, 2013

Wow. Just....Wow.

Via Steve Smith, whose Times article links to Woolfe: Zachary Woolfe demonstrates that he has no soul, in commentary on Einstein on the Beach that makes it clear that he missed about half the point. The visuals and dance meant nothing to him; apparently he missed how they are connected to the music.


Paul Pelkonen said...

My own hack at an Einstein review. http://theclassicalreview.com/2012/09/glasss-epic-einstein-remains-an-opera-for-our-time-at-bam/

Lisa Hirsch said...

I'm updating my reviews list and pushing it to the top of the heap here. I know there's one Bay Area blogger who hasn't yet gotten a posting up.

Mary Jane Leach said...

I had forgotten that Woolfe was the new wunderkind of the Times. Except for the nepotism part, he seems like the Luke Russert of music criticism. What an embarrassing review - it reads like one you'd read in a college newspaper - the missing the point part, as well as the need to put down someone famous. Is he supposed to connect to younger readers because he listens to music on his laptop and seemingly has add, with no additional insights to bring to the table?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Kind of unfortunately, isn't it? Wilson, Glass, and Child create a Gesamtkunstwerk, and he can only appreciate the musical side of it.