Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Put Me in Charge.

A serious first-person plan to end the disaster in Minnesota. First, you would have to fire Michael Henson and replace him with me. I would then take the following steps to re-establish the musicians' trust in the MOA and to put the orchestra on a better financial footing.

1. I would call Osmo and say to him "Osmo, we are opening the doors tomorrow and putting on the 2013-14 season as planned. Will you come back for at least the next year?"

2. I would call the musicians and say to them "We are unlocking the doors tomorrow. We want you to resume rehearsing and playing immediately. We have asked Osmo to come back. For the next year, we will pay you at the rate specified in the last in-force contract."

3. I would call the board and request the resignation of anyone who supported the lockout.

4. I would fire anyone in management who supported the lockout.

5. I would issue an apology to the musicians, the donors, and the people of Minnesota for management and board intransigence.

6. I would establish a joint musician / board / management committee to develop a plan for getting the orchestra on a better financial footing. This would include a comprehensive fundraising plan, projections, etc.

7. I would try to bring back some of the musicians who are on leave or who have resigned. There are, after all, many holes in the orchestra right now.

8. I would consult regularly with orchestral CEOs who have a history of good financial management and good labor relations: Mark Volpe, Deborah Borda, Brent Assink.

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D. said...

They'll never hire you; you make too much sense.