Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All That AND Joyce Di Donato!

Awright, that was some series, and I say that as someone who hadn't watched a baseball game in years. Hunter Pence! Pablo Sandoval! (Pay him what he wants!)

And what about that Madison Bumgarner?!?! Three Two wins and one save in this series! Pitching five innings in relief after going to whole nine on Sunday! Terrifying consistency and absolute cool!

The Royals are a terrific team and it was a great series.


Michael Strickland said...

We all love Panda (Sandoval), but it really was his Last Hurrah! We need the money to pay for another ace pitcher to step in as Buster Posey's next amanuensis.

Lisa Hirsch said...


Henry Holland said...

My first boyfriend, Robert, was a *huge* Royals fan, and at the time we were dating, they were in the same division as the Angels. It got....interesting between us at times. :-)

He died in 1995 and I was so hoping that the Royals would win, for his memory if nothing else. When the Giants outfielders botched that easy single in to a triple in the 9th inning, I had a bit of hope. Alas.

I was thinking of going up to San Francisco for Phish's three shows at the Bill Graham CC but I'm kind of glad I didn't. The BGCC is across the street from where all the Giants fans were and apparently it was a bit chaotic after the Phish show let out.

Nice of Phish (who are Phillies, Mets and Red Sox fans) to drop the melody of Queen's "We Are The Champions" in to the middle of a song they were playing after the game was over.

Also nice to see that sports fans in Los Angeles aren't the only ones who set things on fire when "their" team wins. :-P

Lisa Hirsch said...


I'm sorry about Robert. That would have been a nice thing for his memory.