Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Klinghoffer Sock-Puppetry

I hardly ever read opera-l these days, but happened to take a look because of all the Klinghoffer opinions flying around. And what do you know, the first alphabetic posting is by our friend "Genevieve Castle Room," and it cites something a lot like what I found on my blog the other day:
  • GCR quotes "John Blackburn on Twitter": "Sad that Adams is held in such esteem. Musically bland pabulum spiced withprogrammatic narrative. By programmatic narrative, I mean his fondness for political libretti and such—cover for light musical thought"
  • "Carrie Theuring" on my blog: "It's sad that Adams is held in such esteem. Musically bland pabulum spiced with programmatic narrative."
Update: John Blackburn is real. I'll assume that "Carrie Theuring" is one of many pseudonyms used by "Genevieve Castle Room," so "Carrie" is the sock puppet here, quoting Blackburn without attribution.


Genevieve Castle Room said...


For the record:

I have no idea who "Carrie Theuring" is or what she does.

Lisa Hirsch said...

How strange.

Chanterelle said...

Point to Iron Tongue.

Mark Berry said...

It's just one of those strange coincidences - like the identical e-mailed questions from Jacinto Fernandez, Genevieve Castle Room, Seine Frau, and the rest of the Pelleastrian gang. Why must some of us be so cynical?

Lisa Hirsch said...

I've received an irrelevant comment from Genevieve, which I'm not going to publish, because it's irrelevant.