Saturday, October 04, 2014

Un Ballo in Regie

You could have some fun by moving Ballo into the early 21st century, shifting it a bit to the south of Boston, and making up the characters to look like the following real-life personages:

Riccardo - Gov. Chris Christie
Renato - Robert Menendez or Cory Booker
Amelia - Menendez or Booker's spouse
Ulrica - Maureen Dowd or Gail Collins, or maybe the biggest gossip-monger in NYC
Tom & Samuel - NJ State Troopers


bgn said...

I always thought a modern-dress Latin-American Ballo would work wonderfully.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, yeah!

And since Renato is his best friend, perhaps the Democratic senators from NJ aren't quite right. Maybe I mean the clowns who executed the GW Bridge fiasco.