Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happenings at the Opera

So, any reports on last night's Salome? I've heard Nadja Michael was out and that the last-minute substitute, flown in from Arizona, was very good. You could say I'm surprised there wasn't a cover in town, but what do I know?


John Marcher said...

Well, there is this one:

Lisa Hirsch said...


A friend who also caught it preferred Molly Fillmore's singing to Nadja Michael's. Horse races, and all.

I also hear that Fillmore had all of Friday to work on the blocking and so on; she came in on Thursday when the Opera knew Michael might not be able to sing.

Patty said...

Interesting to hear that, Lisa! Gockley implied she flew in just hours before the performance. Of course he also called her "Molly Dill" if I heard correctly. Hmm.