Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making the Ultimate Sacrificium: A Virtual Archeological Dig

Well, if you're Cecilia Bartoli, you don't need any anatomical alterations to sing the 18th c. castrato repertory! And here's the question of the day, which just happens to be Clue 9:

Sacrificium focuses on the composer and teacher Nicola Porpora. In which Italian city was he based?

Go to the Bartoli puzzle page and post your answer in the Answer Nine field.

Read the previous clue at Nico's Twitter feed. Read the next clue (which is really the first clue) chez La Cieca, who has returned from exile.


Joe Barron said...

Born in Naples, but was "based" in Venice. (Wikis have rendered this kind of trivia quiz obsolete.) Best known, of course, as the mentor of Haydn.

Lisa Hirsch said...

But are you playing THE GAME??

Joe Barron said...