Wednesday, October 07, 2009

U. C. Press Book Sale

The University of California Press is having a big sale. The music page is here and includes big discounts on, among other things, David Cairns's magisterial Berlioz bio. If you're local, you can also go to their sidewalk sale on Thursday, October 15, from 9 to 5, at the shop on University Ave. Bancroft in Berkeley, across from Zellerbach, which will have hardcover books for $10, paperbacks for $5.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up. This does look tempting.

All I could find about the sidewalk sale is this where it says "We conduct an annual sidewalk sale at our offices where we sell books with minor damage at drastically reduced prices. The "Online Sale" is a warehouse sale. The books are in top condition." Implying that the sidewalk sale is not an in-person substitute for the online sale. (Also, if it's at their offices, their offices are not on University Avenue. So maybe you are referring to something else that I cannot find.)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Argh, the sidewalk sale is at the shop on Bancroft, sorry. I have fixed that.