Monday, July 02, 2012

Nixon News

No mystery to this: there are hardly any seats left for the final performance of Nixon in China at SF Opera. I count 3 in the Balcony/Balcony Circle, 3 in Dress Circle/Grand Tier, 1 in the orchestra, and 10 in the boxes.

I expect it's a combination of the great press, word of mouth, and heavy discounting. I'm glad that Magic Flute and Attila sold well and have earned their keep; I'm sorry that the heavy discounting was necessary to sell lots of Nixon tickets. Musical organizations oughta be rewarded for the risks they take.

Once again, the biggest thanks to David Gockley and SF Opera for a great run of a great opera, and of course to the team of John Coolidge Adams, Alice Goodman, and Peter Sellars for bringing it to life.

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