Friday, July 13, 2012

Twitter: Threat or Menace?

Drew McManus has a posting up about institutional use of Twitter, with a pointer to an anti-Twitter posting at On an Overgrown Path. I am not a really big fan of using Twitter to bring PDQ Bach into reality, but I'm certainly finding it useful for a few things:

  • Spreading the word about a new blog posting
  • Spreading the word about an event
  • Getting information about breaking news (I picked up the death of DF-D hours before it hit the papers)
  • Cracking wise 
  • Getting pointers to neat stuff I would not otherwise have noticed
  • Sending instant messages to people & institutions who aren't on other IM systems ("When is your season announcement?")


Chanterelle said...

That's exactly how I use Twitter (not so much the wisecracking). I'm tempted to start a second account for non-musical content and conversations, but who's got the time?

I'm not crazy about Twitter sections in concert halls but I did tweet my way through the Bang On A Can Marathon.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I know what you mean about a second account. I could use one for politics and another for martial arts.

Steve Hicken said...

Agreed on all points, Lisa. In addition, I've been interested in various directly artistic ways of using twitter. There are severe limits, of course, but there are limits inherent in any "instrument".