Friday, July 20, 2012

SFS Program Updates

SFS just sent a press release about changes to the already-announced 2012-13 schedule. This information is important, whether you've ordered your tickets or not.

  • Jorg Widmann's piano concerto is out, replaced by the "Emperor" Concerto, still with Yefim Bronfman. Also on the program, Symphonie Fantastique. Love the Berlioz, but that's one program that went from a yes to a no. Sorry, Fima!
  • The visual accompaniment to the Missa Solemnis is by video artist Michael Tilson Thomas. Um.
  • The Fleming residency will include Robin Holloway's arrangement...no, wait, I'll just quote this, because it is inscrutable: "a new SFS commission by Robin Holloway with soprano Renée Fleming, a re-imagining for orchestra of Debussy’s Ariettes oubliées, based on Paul Verlaine’s poems." By Robin Holloway with soprano Renée Fleming. You'll have to tell me how this one goes, given what I thought of her performance in Lucrezia Borgia.
  • Matthias Goerne will be singing Wagner (Wotan's Farewell and "Die Frist is um") instead of orchestrations of Brahms songs. 
  • The press release doesn't mention (and the web site still doesn't say) what will be on the concert honoring John Goldman.
Lastly, and to me perhaps most importantly, single tickets go on sale this Monday, July 23. That noise you hear will be me banging my head against the web site.

Update: I have asked SFS about the omission of the Symphony Chorus from the page that lists Les Noces as one of the works being performed. :) It's gotta be a mistake.


Michael said...

I believe the Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble listed on that page will be doing the singing. They recorded it for Nonesuch in 1994. The Chorus is indeed not called for that concert.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Really? They've got a folk ensemble singing the Stravinsky? That'll be different.