Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Troyens News, SF Opera Edition

News news news:

  • In comments here, Rob Gordon reported that Anna Caterina Antonacci's bio in the London production lists Cassandre in SF as a future plan. (Good news, that; she is a remarkable singer.)
  • Susan Graham told John Marcher that Troyens here is on her schedule - so she must be Didon.
  • Graham also said 2015.


Henry Holland said...

Les Troyens was on Pamela Rosenberg's wish list, but we know how that worked out. IIRC, the production she intended to import from London (the ROH) got poor reviews in England, so maybe it's for the best.

I would love to see another production of this great opera, the one here in the 90's was meh, with an especially bad ballet aspect.

Lisa Hirsch said...

"Here" as in LA or SF? Whichever, I didn't see it....