Friday, July 06, 2012

Wagner Oops

So, contrary to my previous blog posting, I am NOT NOT NOT speaking at the Northern CA Wagner Society tomorrow - a scheduling conflict has put me out to November 3. Sorry.....! I've known this for several weeks and should have posted it earlier.


sfmike said...

What???!!! I rearranged my entire schedule to catch you tomorrow and you won't be there?

Just kidding. If you find me at a Wagner Society meeting, Northern CA or otherwise, it will be time for an intervention because I will have obviously lost my mind. I am fascinated by any obsessive group, though, whether the obsession is custom cars, birds, Wagner, or anything else on this globe.

As far as Toscanini, I'd say start or end with "Falstaff." I once did a side-by-side comparison between three recordings deciding on which one I should get to know, and Toscanini won by a landslide.

Lisa Hirsch said...

hahahaha, re obsessives, Wagner Society, etc.

You mean you DON'T want to hear all about Melchior and his peers???

Curious which other Falstaff recordings were candidates. The Toscanini is wonderful but I have to admit that I like Karajan as much. Giuseppe Valdengo was a good singer, but Gobbi's Falstaff is matchless.