Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Stage at SFS

Some personnel notes, with thanks to SFS Communications for providing the information -

  • Jeremy Epp, who is a substitute, was the excellent timpanist for Herbert Blomstedt's two programs. It'll be interesting to see who is on stage this week for Christoph Eschenbach.
  • Stephanie McNab played third flute and piccolo in the bang-up Nielsen Fifth last week. Her usual gig is flute & piccolo with the San Francisco Opera orchestra.
  • Chris Gaudi will play principal oboe for the nonce. Auditions for principal oboe haven't been scheduled yet. (You can check the schedule of planned auditions here.)


CK Dexter Haven said...

Regarding the SFS Principal Percussion chair:

Word on the street a few months ago was that among the candidates being given trials w/ the orchestra would be Trey Wyatt (Current SFS musician and, I believe, Acting Principal since Jack van Geem retired) and Jacob Nissly (Principal Percussionist w/ the Cleveland Orchestra).

Well, if you go on the Cleveland Orchestra webpage, you'll see that Mr. Nissly is still on their official roster; however, you'll also see this:
Cleveland Orchestra Auditions: Principal Percussion

I'd file this under "Things that you make you go hmmmm . . ."

CK Dexter Haven said...

Speaking of official orchestra rosters, what is up w/ Bob Ward NOT showing up on the SFS online roster? There's a generic grey icon where his picture should be and his name is not listed . . . .

Did I miss something?

SFS Horns

Lisa Hirsch said...

That's bizarre about Ward. He was in the last program i attended; I'll have to check the program to see if he has disappeared. I think a web site glitch is more likely.

Now THAT is interesting about the principal percussion spot. I though there was no winner of the auditions held a few months ago. HOWEVER, the audition page doesn't list any upcoming percussion auditions.

HOWEVER, it has a couple of interesting items; I'll put up a blog posting momentarily.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Also missing from the web roster is Nadya Tichman, the associate concertmaster, and I believe we would have heard about it if she were going anywhere.

CK Dexter Haven said...

Yes, one would think/hope.

Look forward to seeing your post.

Lisa Hirsch said...

It's up. :)