Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You Need Me to Proofread Everything

Found in a novel I'm reading: The front and back covers and the title page call the book The Atrocity Archives. The header on every page of the text calls it The Atrocity Archive.

My bad: Daniel Wolf quite rightly points out that The Atrocity Archive is the name of one of the novellas in the book, so the header is correct.

LA Times, what's wrong with this picture?


Zwölftöner said...

In one of the loftier German-language encyclopedias of music, I once discovered a reference to "Furzwängler". In German the mistake is rather unfortunate. One of those printing errors, you might say, that really stinks.

Lisa Hirsch said...


(I did have to look it up. :)

Daniel Wolf said...

Isn't The Atrocity Archive (no s) the title of one of the two novellas in the collection The Atrocity Archives (with s), so that in the headers, for half the book, the s-ed titled should be facing the no-s-ed, while for the other half, the s-ed should be facing another title altogether?

Lisa Hirsch said...

You're absolutely right; my bad. Updating the above.