Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Yes, folks, it's one of those weekends, when there are about eight concerts you might want to attend. Let's take a look at the last weekend of April, call it April 25 to 28:
  • Christoph Eschenbach conducts SFS in a program of Wagner & Dvorak. Note: the Wagner is a couple of bleeding chunks sung by the great baritone Matthias Goerne.
  • Goerne & Eschenbach perform Schubert's Winterreise on Sunday, April 28
  • California Bach Society presents the Symphoniae Sacrae by Heinrich Schuetz
  • Opera Parallele presents Trouble in Tahiti and A Hand of Bridge
  • Volti performs David Lang's battle hymns at Kezar Pavilion
  • SF Conservatory stages Die Fledermaus. (I like this a lot, but SFO put it on brilliantly a few years ago and I don't need to see it again just now.)
  • Handel & Haydn Society - of Boston - presents Handel's Jeptha
  • Pocket Opera has Orpheus in the Underworld at the Hillside Club in Berkeley (Sunday only)
I have a ticket to Winterreise and am weeping as I debate what to see next. battle hymns is currently in the lead because it sounds quite remarkable, but SIGH.


Civic Center said...

You left out Robin Sutherland's concert at the SF Conservatory on the 24th. I'm doing that and the battle hymns on Saturday afternoon, but am going to Palm Springs next week to rest, relax and gird my cultural loins for the ensuing cultural armageddon.

CruzSF said...

I have tickets to two of those events (Trouble in Tahiti on Friday and Jeptha on Saturday), and am trying to find a way to fit in one more. I love this town and region.

battle hymns is attractive because it sounds so spectacular, so massive. But for the last few months I've been on a Baroque kick, so the CBS program is also calling.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, lord, Mike, I DID leave Robin out! Need to see whether there are tickets still available.

Cruz, I'm just torn. I've seen Jeptha, at PBO years ago, so I can skip it. The CBS program is likely to be pretty great.

Anonymous said...

And I'm going to the Stanford Beethoven Project installment at Bing on Friday, and the Mission Chamber Orchestra on Saturday. MCO is a not-particularly-good amateur group, but I enjoy their choice of repertoire, which includes Britten's very late Suite on English Folk Songs.

Sue B said...

Battle Hymns was amazing. something i can't see being repeated anytime soon, just too big of a deal. lots of performers. the kids choir - absolutely astounding. grown men weeping in the audience.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Sigh, I wish I could go but it is not happening, plus I am turning in my Goerne ticket for tomorrow night. (Anyone looking for a Goerne ticket? Yours, free.)