Friday, July 08, 2016

New SFS Principal Timpanist?

The well-informed Mr. CKDH, of the blog All is Yar, reports that SFS has extended an offer to Edward Stephan of the Pittsburgh Symphony:
The San Francisco Symphony has been without a Principal Timpanist since David Herbert decamped the Bay Area in 2013 in the midst of that orchestra’s labor troubles for the Chicago Symphony, leaving a rather pointed indictment of SFS management in his wake.  After three years and multiple auditions, they appear to be close to filling the void:  an offer has been given to Edward Stephan, currently Principal Timpani of the Pittsburgh Symphony.  No word yet on if he’s accepted.  If he doesn’t, expect Michael Israelievitch to continue as Acting Principal.
No, I have no idea how he knows this, but, as I say, he is well-informed.


nobleviola said...

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thank you!

Michael Israelovitch was acting principal this past season and was excellent.

Lisa Hirsch said... that principal oboe is filled, we are looking for an associate principal oboe; that is, Jonathan Fischer is staying in Houston.