Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Trittico Sopranos

Readers contribute the following additions, in comments, to my list of Stratas, Sills, Scotto, and Racette:
  • Cheryl Barker at Opera Australia in 2007
  • Diana Soviero at Dallas
  • Catherine Malfitano at Chicago


mogliettina said...

Barbara Frittoli - Suor Angelica Met 2007

mogliettina said...

Sondra Radvanovsky - Suor Angelica -LA Opera 2008bledle

Lisa Hirsch said...

mogliettina - thanks, but I'm looking for sopranos who sang all three roles, not just one.

Michael Vaughn said...

Barbara Divis, Feb. 2006, Hawaiian Opera Theater. Saw Racette's at SFO, BTW - outstanding!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thank you for that! And, yes, she was great.