Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bayreuth Festival Competition

The fine web site Wagneropera.net is holding a contest. Here's what the editors have to say about it; sounds like fun to me:

Join Wagneropera.net's Bayreuth Festival competition and win Enrico Nawrath's book "Bayreuth Backstage". The book is loaded with great photographs from the mysterious life backstage.

Write an article - short or long - (in English) about one or several of your experiences from the Bayreuth Festival. It could be a travel letter, your favourite Bayreuth operatic experience, your worst Bayreuth operatic experience, a production you liked or disliked, a Wahnfried experience - you make the rules, as long as the article is related to the Bayreuth Festival.

Short or long? You decide. All entries will be published on Wagneropera.net.

Deadline is 31 November 2009.

The winner of the book "Bayreuth Backstage" will be drawn in December.

Send your entry to editor@wagneropera.net


Michael Walsh said...

Remember when we watched a performance of "Parsifal" on laser disc back in 2001? I think that was a Bayreuth production.

I could write about that...

Lisa Hirsch said...

Huh, the rules do not specify that you had to GO to Bayreuth!