Friday, September 25, 2009

"Now is the Right Time for Me to Focus on the Next Chapter of My Career"

That's what Jehudah Reinharz said in the email announcing his resignation from the presidency of Brandeis Univeristy. I'd say that after the amount of criticism he has gotten this year over the dumbass decision to close the Rose Art Museum and sell off part or all of its collection, yes, this would be a good time to leave. The Globe article I link to has this, which makes me roll on the floor laughing:

Reinharz dismissed suggestions that he is resigning under pressure arising from the museum controversy, saying he strongly considered stepping down in summer 2008 before signing a five-year contract extension. At 65, Reinharz said he felt the time had come to move on.
Honestly! He was willing to stay until 2013 but he's leaving ASAP? And this has nothing to do with what's actually going on at the University??

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