Friday, September 18, 2009

Next Week: Carlsbad Music Festival

Here's a great event for those of you within hailing distance of Carlsbad, California: the Sixth Annual Carlsbad Music Festival. It might as well be called the Carlsbad New Music Festival, given the lineup, which includes Fred Frith, the Calder Quartet, the California E.A.R. Unit, festival founder Matt McBane, and sundry other new music luminaries, performing a tasty range of contemporary music.
Most of the concerts take place at the Schulman Auditorium of Dove Library, in Carlsbad. If you can't make the main festival but you're in L.A., there's a program at Zipper Hall, conveniently located just across the street from Disney Concert Hall.

The dates are Wednesday, Sept. 23 through Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009. Ticket prices are insanely low, with a top price of $25.


Anonymous said...

And anyone from one of those tiny east coast states who assumes that we must be within easy hailing distance of Carlsbad because we don't have to cross a state line to get there can bite us.

It'd be great to go. It'd be great to go to Ojai too. But it'd require driving all day to get there.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Bit of a drive, yeah, for both. I suppose there's always flying to LA and renting a car.

D. said...

Hah. Westercon in 1975 was in Oakland; I was living in Carlsbad at the time, but having just driven across the country, I could not see driving another 600 miles.

Although I haven't been back since...