Thursday, September 03, 2009

New to the Blogroll

I have not updated my blogroll in some time, but this week I'm made four additions:
  • Magnificat Baroque's blog. If you live in the Bay Area and care about early music and early opera, you'll want to start attending Magnificat's programs. I loved director Warren Stewart's programming at Cal Bach, and he continues to put together fantastic programs at Magnificat. Their opening program this year is something, an early opera written by a woman and staged with puppets.
  • Flutin' High, the blog of flutist Helen Bledsoe, with a hat-tip to Ken Woods for the link.
  • Classical Iconoclast, a blog of deep, long, and intricate postings by Doundou Tchl, who blogs on a wide range of musical subjects.
  • From the Orchestra Library, written by Karen Schnackenberg, the librarian of the Dallas Symphony. This is great stuff, especially if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of running an orchestra.

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