Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Couple of Good Causes

Off-topic, because they're not musical, but anyway, a couple of Indiegogo campaigns I'm donating to:
  • LOL Makerspace & Hackerspace is a maker/hackerspace in Oakland led by people of color. They have already reached their funding goal, but more money means they'll be able to stay open longer.
  • Laurel Book Store relocation and expansion. Laurel Book Store is the little book store that could, a very small store walking distance from my home. They're moving (wah!) to downtown Oakland, which is now a happening part of town. Give them a helping hand!
Note that Indiegogo campaigns, unlike Kickstarter, do not need to be fully funded to accept  your money. That is, on Kickstarter you are not charged unless the project is fully funded. On Indiegogo, partially-funded campaigns can charge you.

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