Friday, September 05, 2014

New on the SFO Web Site

San Francisco Opera has posted videos for the first couple of this season's productions, Norma and Susannah. I note the following:
  • Barton and Radvanovsky sound pretty damn great together.
  • Luisotti will probably manage to stay with the singers in the actual performances.
  • Berti sounds like Richard Margison, hooking into every even moderately high note. Maybe they should have put Jovanovich in this one instead of Susannah.
  • The Norma costumes & wigs are, uh, dubious.
  • Racette sounds pretty good in the Susannah excerpts.
  • Sounds like the pit/stage coordination problems are similar to those in Norma, and one expects, etc.
  • Chorus sounds less sure of themselves in Susannah but admittedly the "Guerra" chorus is not especially challenging.
  • Sets and costumes look good.
  • I listened to about half of Susannah a couple of weeks ago, and it's very beautiful! Buy a ticket if you haven't got one.
The fake audience applause at the end of each video is obviously fake and should be removed, though!


Dr.B said...

Sigh. After listening so much to Cecilia's Norma, I found Luisotti dull and boring. Oh well.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Reminding me that I should dig up that recording from the heap....