Monday, September 29, 2014

Say Bye-Bye, Stanley! Bye-Bye!

ASO Photograph
He's probably not smiling quite this much right now.

Stanley Romanstein - excuse me, Dr. Stanley Romanstein, Ph.D. - has resigned as CEO of the Atlanta Symphony. The ASO's statement says this:
“I believe that my continued leadership of the ASO would be an impediment to our reaching a new labor agreement with the ASO’s musicians,” Romanstein said in an ASO statement.
You bet, Stan. Er, Dr. Romanstein.* It's likely a good thing that you are departing within weeks of the stupid and damaging lockout you instituted, rather than the nearly two years it took for Michael Henson to leave the Minnesota Symphony.

* Every press mention of him that I have seen calls him Dr. Romanstein and often includes the letters after his name. I checked, and he really does have a doctorate, in musicology, which doesn't exactly qualify a person to take a position running the business side of a major symphony orchestra. 

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