Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Kind of Mail You Don't Want to Receive from Me

Or from any other music journalist or blogger:


I've attempted to unsubscribe from your mailings multiple times. It hasn't worked. Your email amounts to spam: mail that keeps coming because the unsubscribe link does not work.

I've emailed you a couple of times and even gotten a response once, assuring me that I would be removed from your mailing lists.

As I have explained, I don't cover the type of music you publicize. And now I know that basically you are a spammer, not really a publicist. Good publicists do what they can to maintain good relations with members of the press and bloggers. You are unable to manage your mailings in a professional manner, and what does that make you?

All the best,

Lisa Hirsch

[In response to this, I received an auto-response from Spam Arrest, a spam-blocker. Further nerve: acts like a spammer, treats everybody else like a potential spammer.]


Mark Berry said...

I'm becoming increasingly fed up with these people and this situation. Yesterday, I received six (!) messages, all of them irrelevant to me and my interests, from the same person.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I am very curious who it was. I have gotten three this week from the person I am complaining about above.

Dave MacD said...

Wait, so you're telling me you *aren't* interested in writing a 2,000-word review of this album of cello covers of Led Zeppelin songs? I thought this was a music blog!

Lisa Hirsch said...