Monday, September 08, 2014

Barlow Endowment Awards Commissions to 11 or 12 Male Composers

Report in NewMusicBox: the Barlow Endowment at Brigham Young University has awarded 11 or 12 commissions. There were 100 applicants; all awards went to men. NMB did not publish the gender breakdown of the applicants. Two members of the judges' committee were women, Stacy Garrop and Leilei Tian.

Barlow Prize: $12,000 to Ben Hjertmann
Honorable Mention: Steven Bryant (He's the possible No. 12 - I cannot tell whether he got a commission or not.)

GENERAL COMMISSION RECIPIENTS (And group for which they are composing)
Dan Trueman (So Percussion and Jack Quartet)
Mikel Kuehn (Spektral Quartet)
Peter Van Zandt Lane (EQ Ensemble)
Christopher Fisher-Lochhead (Spektral Quartet)
Ted Hearne (Roomful of Teeth)
Mark Engebretson (Bent Frequency)
Chad Cannon (Farallon Quintet)
Steven Ricks (Manhattan String Quartet)
Matthew Nielsen (BYU Singers)
Curtis Smith (Bryan Lew/violist)

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