Thursday, September 04, 2014

Worth Reading

Irontongue linkspam:

  • Are We Witnessing the Birth of Music Director Activism?, asks Drew McManus, after Robert Spano (Music Director) and Donald Runnicles (Principal Guest Conductor) write an open letter about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's contract negotiations.
  • Heather Brown on getting to know Modern Music.
  • Facebook Ate My Blog, by Kenneth Woods. You've undoubtedly read a certain amount of commentary about the effects of Twitter and FB on blogging. Kenneth Woods has the most solid analysis of what's going on that I have seen.
  • Two by Alex Ross: The Classical Cloud and As if Music Could Do No Harm. (Currently available without New Yorker subscription, I believe, but this won't last forever.)
  • A whole bunch of good stuff on Elaine Fine's Musical Assumptions. Just start at the top (or a couple of weeks back.)

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