Thursday, January 20, 2011


Janos Gereben writes:
The virtual demise of the mostly-elevator-music KDFC, self-described as "casual, comfortable... classical," is acceptable, the actual destruction of weird & wacky & amateurish KUSF is a pity.

But for listeners, there is a real practical-physical issue, which is bad well beyond matters of taste. 102.1 - now turning into rock or pebbles, who cares - has an ERP (effective radiated power) of 33,000 Watts, broadcasting from a 1000-foot tower. 90.3, which was KUSF and is now the "new KDFC" has 2,850 ERP, broadcasting from a height of 100 feet, and audible in a 10-block radius.
Now, besides the random single-movement programming, lots of "comfortable" flute music, and a ban of bothersome vocal music, KDFC also had broadcasts of the SF Symphony, and - lately - of the SF Opera. If you want to hear those in the future, better move to the Inner Richmond.
Then, there is the way the switch was handled. KUSF's Howard Ryan says: "They just came in and asked me to step out while there was a record on and shut the transmitter off. We weren’t even able to sign off or thank the community or let the listeners know what was going on. We were literally the last people to know." Classy!
Will KUSF's "rescue" of the Met Broadcasts when KDFC dropped them ("no interest in opera in San Francisco," says our marketing research), continue from the new KDFC? Unlikely, but it would be nice to be surprised.

And the Chron has a story about protests at USF.

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Janos Gereben said...

There is an update today, as both 102.1 and 90.3 KDFC stations *did* carry the Met live - a mediocre "Rigoletto," but the point is they did it!

Anyway, now that KDFC is a public station, how long before it will have a fund-raiser, NPR style, 2-3 weeks of nothing but "give!"? Right now, both KQED and KALW are at it.

My advice: support KALW, a poor radio fan's poor but excellent station vs. the KQED empire. If somebody has a chance, dig up annual operating budget figures for the two stations - what a contrast!