Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visitors from Princeton

I spend a half-hour a couple of times a month looking over the vast amounts of information gathered about this blog by Google Analytics. I installed Analytics long before Blogger Stats became available, and, because it's designed for use by people using AdWords campaigns, it returns, well, a whole lot of detail, some of which is unnecessary for my purposes. (There's no "goal" page to click through to where someone might buy something, for example.)

I noticed not long ago that I get more hits per month than I might expect from Princeton University. Now, Princeton has a highly-regarded music department, and the school is within hailing distance of New York City. I write about musical and operatic events in NYC pretty often, so this isn't a huge surprise, but it's more than I get from other Ivies. 

I'm curious about who might be reading me from Princeton, given something a friend told me a couple of weeks ago; feel free to post a comment or drop me a line privately. I am known to be discreet with the email address of the well known, too.

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