Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Beloved Reader (I Mean That) Henry Holland Needs His Own Blog

Cher public, I have received a comment from Henry Holland vis-a-vis A. C. Douglas that had me howling - yet I cannot publish this comment in full, owing to my own stated policy and desire to discourage name-calling. I'm not even sure I can publish it in part, least I be quite correctly accused of hypocrisy. Thus, I leave it to your imagination.


Henry Holland said...

Thanks Lisa! I try very hard not to get personal when I comment on blogs, but ACDC's presumption of lofty authority is so risible it would be almost criminal not to skewer him.

Daniel Wolf said...

Okay, you two, you've got our curiosity and I think you owe us all at least a small sample. If the repartee is virtuoso, it's well worth bending the rules a bit to share some.

Lisa Hirsch said...

The part that was extremely serious mentioned ACD suggesting violence against Gerard Mortier when Mortier was appointed general manager of NYCO. The rest...um...entertaining labeling of ACD with various epithets that I am sure others have also applied to him.

Joe Barron said...

Why not e-mail it to us on request?