Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Things Work Around Here

Received from A.C. Douglas and published as a comment to a previous posting:
In future, write that sort of things on your own blog, not in comments to mine.
In future, I'll write what I please here. You have the option to publish or not. If you ever edit or not publish any comment I make here, that will be the last time I make any comment here on any post of yours.

See how that works?

I'll just say: someone who allows comments on his blog about once every 18 months has a lot of nerve. I'll be seriously considering whether to publish your comments in the future as a matter of policy. I don't particularly mind insulting language directed at me, but I do mind other commenters - guests on my blog - being insulted.

I note that I have no problem with Terry Teachout and Alex Ross disabling comments on their blogs: they couldn't handle the volume. Just guessing that Sounds & Fury doesn't get thousands of a hits a day.


Empiricus said...

Screw ACD. 'Nough said. If he had the wherewithal to defend his thoughts on his own site, that would be well taken and admired. He doesn't--he needs other sites to do this--so, foot in mouth, he needs to keep his close-minded, blue-haired, connoisseurship, rabble-rousing nonsense to himself and his own fantastical, isolated part of the intertubes, which is what I'm sure he calls it.

I love you Lisa.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Smooch! I love you too. :)

sfmike said...

As you well know, the first thing you learn on the internet if you have half a brain is "don't feed the trolls." Mr. Douglas is an almost classic definition of that mythical creature.

You've always been polite and interested in the views of others in the comments section of your own blog, so let me just say this in your stead. "Eff off and stay away, troll."

Lisa Hirsch said...

After some consideration, I've concluded that because that remark isn't in response to something he said, I don't have to delete it. :)

doug said...

Lisa, I'm delighted to continue to visit your blog and to have another reason to avoid a certain other blog. See, you bring me education, entertainment, community and now time saving techniques! Thanks and be well.

Henry Holland said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, whoops. I did not mean to publish that comment, am taking it down now.