Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Air Music Festival, 2011

The Hot Air Music Festival, San Francisco Conservatory's annual student-organized new music festival is on Sunday, February 6, 2011, just a couple of weeks from now. It is free (FREE - donations gratefully accepted) and the composers are living except for Lou Harrison.

The program is something:

1:45                  Triumphant Digitally Synthesized Fanfare To Hot Air Music Festival by Red Bennett

2:00                  Michael Gordon’s Industry, Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Violin and Percussion and Osvaldo Golijov’s Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind in the Recital Hall

3:00                  Paul Bergel’s Winchester House of Mystery Suite and George Crumb’s Vox Balaenae in the Recital Hall

3:30                  Reception, meet-and-greet with performers, including the Mobius Trio and the Delphi Piano Trio (pending confirmation)

4:00                  Music by Matthew Cmiel, John Russell, Derrick Spiva, Jr. and Christopher Porter in the Recital Hall

5:00                  Music by Louis Cruz, Pantawit Kiangsiri, Pierre Jalbert and David Gottlieb in the Concert Hall; Music by Anthony Porter, Luciano Chessa, Harry Whitney and Alden Jenks in the Recital Hall

6:00                  Music by Devon Farney and Stephen Hartke in the Concert Hall;  Music by Clayton Moser, Aaron Pike and David Lang’s Little Match Girl Passion in the Recital Hall

7:00                  Louis Andriessen’s Worker’s Union and Steve Reich’s Six Pianos in the Concert Hall

8:00                  Samuel Adams’ Tension Study No.1, Arvo Paert’s Spiegel im Spiegel and Dan Becker’s Gridlock in the Concert Hall

9:00                  Kajia Saariaho’s Pres and John Adams’ The Dharma at Big Sur in the Concerto Hall

Be there, or be square, and give 'em a few bucks if you can.


Anonymous said...

I think February 6 is a Sunday.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yikes. You're right, and I have it correctly on my calendar, even. I've fixed the posting now. Thank you!