Saturday, January 17, 2015

Canadian Opera Company 2015-16 Season Announcement

Canadian Opera Company's 2015-16 season includes a Canadian opera! And also Christine Goerke:

  • October 8- November 6 2015 : La Traviata, Verdi; Guardarini/Siurina/El-Khoury, Castronovo/Haji, Kelsey/Westman
  • October 20- November 7 2015: Pyramus and Thisbe/Combatimento/Lamento, Feldman, Monteverdi; Debus/Szabo, Addis, McCausland
  • January 23- February 14 2016: Siegfried, Wagner; Debus/Vinke, Goerke, Radner, Held, Ens, Ablinger-Sperrhacke, Purves
  • February 4-27 2016: Le Nozze di Figaro, Mozart; Debus/de Souza/ Wagner, Archibald, Wall, Braun, Fons
  • April 12- May 15 2016: Carmen, Bizet; Carignani/Margaine/Rachvelishvili, Thomas/Pomeroy, Van Horn/Nelson, Osborne/Boucher
  • April 29- May 14 2016: Maometto II, Rossini. Bicket/Pisaroni, Crochetto, Sledge, DeShong
Well, there's some excellent casting in there. The Rossini is almost the same cast I saw in Santa Fe a couple of years back, but Elizabeth DeShong will be better than Patricia Bardon was. Good casting for Carmen, and the COC, thinking ahead, gets an early look at Christine Goerke's Siegfried Brunnhilde. Which I bet will be complete will trills. Heil dir, Sonne!

(Dates and links shamelessly lifted from Opera Tattler, but I added the rest.)

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