Thursday, January 15, 2015

News You'd Rather Not Hear

I've now heard from two different sources that SFS principal trumpet Mark Inouye auditioned for Phil Smith's spot in the NYPO, and has been offered trial weeks. A web search found confirmation on a trumpet forum. (And I should ask the NYPO when his trial weeks are.)

It's possible he won't get an offer and it's possible he won't take it. I'm hoping he sticks around, for the obvious reason that he is an unbelievably great player.


CK Dexter Haven said...

Utterly predictable outcome: he was offered the job.

Less predictable, but not totally surprising: it looks like he's accepting it . . .


Lisa Hirsch said...

Well....someone in that thread thinks the trial isn't until April! And do we know the source of the claim that he is taking the job?

Lisa Hirsch said...

After reading the whole thread on Trumpet Herald, it's still not clear what has happened.