Tuesday, February 06, 2018

A Challenge to Critics

Given the utterly dismal record of US orchestras, opera companies, and other musical organizations in performing works composed by women (both white and of color) and men of color, I'd like it a lot if every US music critic or reporter, when talking with a music director or executive / general director of such organizations, would ask this question:
"What are you organization's plans to increase the diversity of programming and to perform more works by men and women of color and white women?"
If they turn green and start stuttering or deflecting, you'll know that they haven't even gotten to the point of discussing this within their organizations. If they have an answer and have a plan, well, praises!


Unknown said...

Did you see the article by Alex Ross in the Feb. 5 issue of The New Yorker, about Florence Price --- an African-American composer who died in 1953 and whose long-forgotten work has been rediscovered? I found it a fascinating discussion of race, gender, and much else.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes, I've read the article. Her work is a little less forgotten than you might think. As he notes, there are recordings of some of her works and more are likely to follow with the publication of the lost scores.

Eric Pease said...

Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Pauline Oliveros at the week's Soundbox!

Mills College, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and the San Francisco Tape Music Center connection all new to me - and I've enjoying learning about it this week listening to the music on the upcoming program.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Alas, I'll be missing Soundbox!

There's also the Milhaud-Mills connection!