Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Path of Miracles at Grace Cathedral

Path of Miracles
Grace Cathedral, February 9, 2018
Photo by Lisa Hirsch

I saw and reviewed a most remarkable performance last week, the dance/choral work Path of Miracles, which started life as a choral work by Joby Talbot and is now also incarnated as a dance with choreography by KT Nelson. Path of Miracles was performed by ODC Dance and the magnificent chorus Volti. Here's my review, which I hope does the whole amazing experience justice.

I took some photos. I know, this is almost never allowed, and I was very surprised. My current cell phone has a terrible camera, so the photos aren't great and aren't nearly as good as what I could do with my dSLR.

I need to look up and post the lighting designer's name. It was Tony Shayne of ODC, says Barbara Heroux, Volti's ED, in the comments. (Thank you!) The lighting was very beautiful and carefully planned and added a lot to the experience. I've added a comment to my review at SFCV crediting Mr. Shayne.


Barbara Heroux said...

Hi Lisa - lighting design was by Tony Shayne of ODC.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thank you! SO beautiful.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Duly added to the blog post and to a comment to my review at SFCV.