Wednesday, February 21, 2018

News from SFS Youth Orchestra

My first reaction to the recent press release from SF Symphony was, "Wow, the youth symphony is a little ahead of SFS adult symphony." The SFSYO will be playing a major commission from Iranian composer Anahita Abbasi, with the participation of the amazing International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) on its March 4 program.

I also have a vague memory of someone mentioning in a review that the Samuel Adams piece SFS played a few years back had been written for a youth symphony and thus, well, it must be easier than the usual symphonic repertory. I would not have reached such a conclusion myself after I heard it, especially not when youth symphonies play Le Sacre du PrintempsFauré’s Pelléas et Mélisande, and Ligeti’s Concert Românesc, which the SFSYO will do on its May 13 program. 

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