Monday, February 19, 2018

A Little Early?

It's February 19. What organization is already advertising tickets for its New Year's Eve Gala?


Joanne Lafler said...

Please don't keep me wondering!

Lisa Hirsch said...

It's a blind item for a reason!

And I guess you are not on their mailing list, or you'd know. :)

Mike A. said...

Hey Lisa, have you seen Dutch National Opera's 2018-19 season announcement (https://operaballet.nl/nl/programma?filter=449)? They'll stage Stockhausen's "Aus Licht" cycle! (Well, they mention most of it). I remember you mentioned about it some time back, so I thought to let you know. Nobody can accuse DNO to put a boring season! (It's a season with NO VERDI, after all!) ;)

Lisa Hirsch said...

I had not seen the announcement but I knew this was planned. I was hoping it would be in July or August, SIGH. I think that the plan is to do excerpts from each of the operas, not the full cycle of operas.

Robert Gordon said...

The Netherlands Opera is planning, not the whole of Licht, but rather three programs of excerpts from Licht, each performed three times. Here is the English-language announcement:


Lisa Hirsch said...

New subject, new post at the top of the blog.