Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Health Care Reform, Again

  • David Leonhardt makes some good points in the Times. "Both parties are protecting the insurers."
  • The Times also has an excellent description of how health care is provided in Japan. "Relatively speaking, primary care is more profitable than highly specialized care, so Japanese doctors face different incentives than U.S. doctors. As a result, the Japanese are three times more likely than Americans to go to the doctor, but they receive many fewer surgical operations."
  • And here's the Times's description of how health care is provided in Canada, our fine neighbor to the north. "Imagine 10 provincial nonprofit health insurance plans without deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments for medically prescribed treatment. Canada pays for more hospital days and doctor visits per capita than the United States but spends about 40 percent less."


Paul H. Muller said...

Another bit of evidence pointing to the genius of Canadians - they have just as many guns per capita as here in the US, but the murder rate by firearms is much less than ours.

I have twenty-something children and I have told them to emmigrate there. Or Europe.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Are they eligible for European Union passports? My paternal grandparents came here from Hungary, which is now part of the European Union, and so I am eligible for a Hungarian passport or something insane like that.