Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tim Mangan Puts on a Contest

I haven't a clue who wrote the amazing screed about Tristan, but I'll run right out to read it...oh, you know, maybe I do. And maybe you do.


rootlesscosmo said...

I didn't think of Tolstoy because it didn't occur to me the original language might not have been English. My first guess would be John Ruskin, though it's just a guess, and if not him, maybe William Morris.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, good guesses! I hope you've posted them at the OC Register!

I should read some Ruskin, shouldn't I. hmm.

Michael Walsh said...

Ended up peeking. Should have known!

calimac said...

Hear, hear!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Chacun a son gout, as they say!