Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Night of the Proms

So the BBC has a plan in place to broadcast the famous Last Night of the Proms live. That'll take place on September 12, 2009. In the Bay Area, or at least the East Bay, we're not quite getting the concert live. Instead, the Elmwood, on College near Ashby, in Berkeley, will have the program on Saturday, September 19, at 11:30 a.m. If you want tickets, buy them on line at the Elmwood's web site. $18, $15 for seniors, plus $3.50 handling charge per ticket (grrr); they'll be held at will call.


LinGin said...

Hello Lisa --

I'm in the Philadelphia area and trying to find a local theatre that might be showing the Last Night. I haven't had any luck googling. Do you think you could direct me to the chain that is transmitting this?

I really appreciate this.

Thank you.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi, Linda - I've been able to figure out the UK and Canada chain, but other than the Elmwood in Berkeley, I cannot find any information at all about US broadcasts. Perhaps I will email the Beeb about this.

LinGin said...

Thanks, Lisa. I saw that the Cineplex chain was transmitting but they appear to be only in Canada.

Locally, the Bryn Mawr theatre runs the non-Met operas and they have their 09-10 schedule up but I don't see anything about the Proms. I'll give them a call on my end. And I think I'll put a general question out on my Facebook page (I knew it would be useful someday.)

WV: ovesing: what mine can't do anymore since my hysterectomy last year.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I put in a website comment to the BBC. Maybe I'll get an answer, even!