Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Behrens

Tributes to Hildegard Behrens are popping up around the blogosphere, as well as obituaries.
  • Alex Ross, who loved her performances, has posted an impressive and beautifully-sung clip from her 1977 Salome recording.
  • A. C. Douglas says farewell, tipping a hat toward her stage presence.
  • Tim Mangan has comments up at the OC Register arts blog, including an embedded video of the soprano in an uncharacteristic role. I don't what year this was, but her appearance is characteristic: you can see her preparing for every phrase. That's also visible on the Met Ring videos.
  • Anthony Tommasini wrote her Times obit. "Purist" is a word I really don't like to see critics using, with its implication that there's something wrong with commenting unfavorably on a singer's weaknesses or suitability for a role or repertory. He's done it before, in connection with Netrebko in bel canto.
  • An unsigned Telegraph UK obit.

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