Monday, August 10, 2009

PBO Genius

Philharmonia Baroque has a great idea, which I read about 2 minutes ago:
Toasting a Natural Combination: Beer and Baroque

PBO is proud to announce the first concert of our "Beer and Baroque" Series, featuring the Horns of PBO. Discover the joy (and quirks) of the natural horn with an evening of Baroque music and locally brewed beer. Join us at the Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery and Restaurantin Berkeley on September 14. Tickets include the concert and drinks and are available beginning next Friday, August 14 by contacting Office Manager Kenton Kuwada, (415) 252-1288. $20 advance/$25 door.

Organized by board members Michael Colbruno and Brian Gould, this event is sponsored by Pyramid and Clear Channel Outdoors.

What I like about this: music, informal setting, low prices, beer. I wonder if you get to talk to the players afterward. I mean, any horn player will want a drink after the concert.


Paul H. Muller said...

There would seem to be a sort of mutual benefit here - musicians looking for a place to play, ale house looking to attract thirsty customers...

I'm not sure which I like more - music or beer.

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra said...

Thanks, Lisa! And to answer your question: There will be a chance to chat with our players afterwards. Our second "Beer and Baroque" event will be in the city, possibly at the Boom Boom Room. Stay tuned for more info. I have to agree with you, Paul – I'm not sure which I like more either...

Lisa Hirsch said...


I try not to listen to beer or drink music....so I don't worry about which I like better. :)