Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And No Again.

Dear Spammers,

My, I'm getting more spam comments since I loosened up the authentication requirements for posting comments! The blog is still on moderation, so your spam isn't going anywhere but into dev/null. You might as well just stop it.




Lisa Hirsch said...

An anonymous user writes:

Dear Lisa,
Your blog is great! I enjoy it particularly since I live right here in The City.....
Have you any late news re: the timpani/percussion personnel situation at the SFS? I've heard a number of rumors/speculations.
I'd love to hear some skinny.....
- best wishes from Greg in SF
PS: Fie on the spammers!!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi, Greg! Apologies - I tried to publish your comment from my phone and screwed up.

I did hear some rumors - the possibility of an out-of-town percussionist OR James Lee Wyatt appointed acting principal percussionist. No new auditions are scheduled.

As far as Timpani goes, they've got to see whether David Herbert stays in Chicago before they schedule auditions. It'll be some time, I am sure.

There are auditions scheduled now for Principal Second Violin (but no announcement as to WHY), Associate Principal Trumpet, and Principal Oboe. No word yet on whether Jonathan Fischer is staying in Houston as their principal or coming back to SF as associate principal (or acting principal).

Joe Barron said...

I got spammed a few days ago myself. Reported it as such.