Monday, August 12, 2013


I updated the previous posting; make sure you read my comments on Elaine Fine's most recent posting.

I was surprised to check my RSS reader this morning to see how many blogs that were active around 2004-05 have gone dark. On the other hand, I'm reading at least as many blogs that I added in the last few years, as I added Likely Impossibilities, Where's Runnicles, Entartete Music, Boulezian, Von Heute auf Morgan, All is Yar, a couple of London blogs, and others.

I miss The Standing Room, Dial "M" for Musicology (no, wait, they're blogging again!), and Deceptively Simple, among others, but I have to keep in mind that we all have lives: one blog buddy wrote a book, another composed a concerto, a third has family obligations. Yes, there's an ebb and flow, but it's not all losses.

I want to make one point here for readers who don't read Elaine's posting and my comments: I blog because I like writing about music. I also hoped I might get a little more paying work writing about music (I did). I like the discussions, too, and there's been plenty of ebb and flow there. I don't mind that I am not arm-wrestling with ACD these days (what would be the point?) and that I am not spending much time rolling my eyes at certain other bloggers, either.


Henry Holland said...

I really really really admire people that can blog consistently for any length of time. I've tried it twice at My Island Elysium (a Schreker reference, of course), writing about stuff I'm interested in like music, astronomy, sports, airplanes, hot guys, LOST (that's how old the first attempt was!) and I just couldn't do it for any length. It started to feel like my job and I sure as hell don't want that feeling when I'm not at work.

Woah! I just went to my blog and I actually got some comments! Of course, one of them was:

Fuck you, you preposterous non-entity. Professional secretary?! I should have figured. You know nothing asshole, I will be hoping somehow to hear the worst about you. You are in the tritter category of cowardly fool and grotesque moron

A politics post? A post about the NSA or Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning or oil fracking or abortion or schools? Of course not, it was a post about much I lusted after a racer on The Amazing Race! :-)

Lisa Hirsch said...

That sounds remarkably like Mrs. John Claggert.