Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday Morning Crab

I stumbled on a cool nerdy t-shirt at a site that sells mostly cool nerdy stuff. The shirt is $3 less at this site than at the site of the company that makes the shirt. On general principles, I thought I would order it from the company's own site anyway.

So....the cost to ship one t-shirt to me is $6, which I found out only after logging in to PayPal. Cafe Press is charging $8.29 to ship me several mugs and a sticker. Say what? It's not that I can't afford the $6,'s $4.95 have the shirt shipped to me from the cool nerdy stuff site.

The company's web site has one other annoying oddity: there's no Contact Us link. Instead, it turns out that the Email link, which is next to the label Socialize and a link to the company's Facebook page, is actually a mailto that you use to email them. Silly me: I thought it was the link to share the site with friends by email.

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